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NC State Veterinary Hospital Tips to Keep Halloween Safe for Pets

The clinicians and staff members of the Small Animal Emergency Service at North Carolina State University’s Veterinary Hospital urge pet owners to keep Halloween enjoyable and free from a scary trip to the veterinarian.

“Halloween is a great time, but keep in mind that many treats are not safe for pets,” says Dr. Rita Hanel, assistant professor in emergency and critical care. “Take care with where you store treats as many dogs may seek out and find bags of candy before or after the big day.”

Here are the basics:

Keep people food and candy from pets, of course. It may be hard to keep track of pets, goblins, bags of candy, and easy access to party food, but ingesting chocolate, candy sweetened by xylitol, lollipops with sticks, or the wrong snack can lead to a mournful night.

It’s a good idea to keep pets indoors from sundown to sunup to avoid encounters that could scare both young zombies and your pet. In fact, placing your pet in a safe and quiet room away from the strange comings and goings of the noisy, costumed trick or treating crowd or adult party animals is a good idea. Then you won’t have to worry about pets dashing out an open door or nipping a visitor.

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