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Dean’s Seminar Series

" Vet-LIRN – A Federal partnership with Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories to Enhance Animal Feed/Drug Safety"

Tuesday, November 11, 2014 South Theater
NC State University College of Veterinary Medicine - Main Building

Dr. Renate Reimschuessel, VMD, PhD

Veterinary Laboratory Investigation and Response Network at the Center for Veterinary Medicine at the FDA


After a distinguished stint in academia at the University of Maryland, with providing pathology service for the fish collection of the National Aquarium in Baltimore part of her duties, Dr. Reimschuessel joined the Center for Veterinary Medicine at FDA in 1999 to start up the Aquaculture Research program.  Her major research interests include: Food Safety – chemical and microbial, Drug development for aquaculture including: Biodistribution, residue persistence, metabolism, Drug efficacy, and Environmental effects of drugs and other chemicals used in aquaculture.

Her earlier research has included: Renal toxicologic pathology - studying fish kidney repair responses, Immunotoxicology - using fish immune function as an indicator of environmental pollution, and Diagnostic aquatic animal pathology.

Her workshops on aquatic animal medicine and research are highly sought after, and she is an active mentor for graduate students and for many other students, including veterinary interns, college students and high school science teachers.  She has also taught in the renowned AquaVet program for 18 years.

She has over 80 publications in peer-reviewed journals and many book chapters to her credit, including the Society of Toxicology “Best Paper of 2009” reporting collaborative work with Proctor and Gamble during the Melamine – Pet Food contamination crisis of 2007

 A finalist for the prestigious Service to America Award in 2008 for her work during the Melamine contamination – Pet Food Recall of 2007 led to high praise in front of congress for making the scientific breakthrough to identify the cause of the largest pet food recall in history.

Personal note:  Renate is an avid contra dancer, likes Irish music (and beer) and occasionally tries her hand at playing the fiddle.