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prototype for correcting broken bones

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Innovation spotlight

Cassidy's legs Dog’s artificial leg may lead to better prosthetics for humans
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Dr. Ola Harrysson (left) and Dr. Denis Marcellin-Little (right) look over a new
prototype for correcting broken bones.

Veterinary innovation

Meeting or exceeding increased societal needs and expectations drive advances in CVM teaching, bench and clinical research, specialty hospital services, and public engagement activities. The CVM is a community whose members are dedicated to preparing veterinarians and veterinarian scientists while advancing animal and human health from the cellular level through entire ecosystems.

Pioneers in osseointegration

Dr. Denis Marcellin-Little, CVM associate professor of orthopedics, working together with Dr. Ola Harrysson, associate professor of industrial and systems engineering in the NC State University College of Engineering, is a pioneer in the area of osseointegration, a process that fuses a prosthetic limb with an animal's bone. The result is a custom-designed prosthesis that behaves more like a natural limb—and a technique with implications for the future of human prosthetics.

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Medical pioneer Cassidy receives final prosthetic limb >

New application of bone marrow transplants

Dogs suffering from lymphoma are able to receive the same type of medical treatment as their human counterparts, as North Carolina State University becomes the first university in the nation to offer canine bone marrow transplants in a clinical setting. VTH Canine Bone Marrow Transplant Unit >

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