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Attendance Policy

Students are expected to attend lectures, participate when called upon, and attend and participate in laboratory activities. Lectures and laboratory attendance may or may not be mandatory, but each course coordinator will indicate in the course syllabus what the attendance policy for the course will be. Sanctions for disregard of mandatory attendance may include grade reduction, an "F" for the course, or repetition of portion(s) of the course to satisfy the course requirements as determined by the course coordinator.


Excused Absences approved by the Office of Academic Affairs

Excused absences may fall into 2 groups: Approved in Advance and Unscheduled.

Approved in Advance: Students receiving an excused absence Approved in Advance from the Office of Academic Affairs will not be penalized for missing class or exams, but will be required to work with their instructors to make up any missed work or exams. Regardless of the reason why a class is missed, all required course work must be completed before certification for graduation will be permitted. Please contact LaTissa Davis, with a request for an excused absence.

Scheduled absences may be approved by the Office of Academic Affairs in advance for a limited number of reasons. Health and personal reasons will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Job related issues, including interviews, will not be considered. In general, travel to meetings will not be approved, except for SCAVMA officers attending the annual SAVMA or AVMA meeting, students invited by the Office of Academic Affairs to represent the college at the North America Veterinary Conference and Western States Veterinary Conference, students doing presentations at major meetings, and students representing the college in some official capacity at other meetings. Students seeking an excused absence to attend a meeting must contact the Office of Academic Affairs at least 4 weeks in advance.

Unscheduled: Unscheduled absences for health or personal reasons require validation and approval by the Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. As soon as you know that you will miss class, please contact LaTissa Davis, at; if she is unavailable contact Dr. Flammer at ( or 513-6412).  A joint email to both is preferable. If able, please also notify your instructors and/or course coordinators. The Office of Academic Affairs will notify the course coordinators that an excused absence has been issued.  Upon your return, please notify the Office of Academic Affairs and work with your instructors to make up any missed work or exams.

Severe weather can cause students and faculty be late or absent. Mature judgment should be used when travel decisions are made during periods of bad weather. In the event the university is closed, each course coordinator will determine how to handle missed classes. Rescheduling of classes is best handled by the course coordinator in conjunction with a representative from the DVM class. The Office of Academic Affairs can also assist with this task.

Clinical Absences for NAVLE (North American Veterinary Licensing Examination)

(mid-November through mid-December) Date of test will be assigned by NAVLE once you apply. Please let the course coordinator and block leader know at the beginning of the rotation that you will be taking the NAVLE and give them a specific date. You are excused from the rotation at 5:00 p.m. the day before the test and must return the day after the test at 7:30 or 8:00 (starting time for that rotation)

During the senior year, some students will need to have a travel day to transition from a clinical block to the required Monday attendance on a distant externship. In this case, the student will notify the Office of Academic Affairs and the block coordinator of the need for Sunday travel and an excused absence at least 12 weeks in advance. The student will be relieved of Sunday duties needed to accommodate travel and all Monday morning case management. In return, that student will cover equivalent duty during the prior weekend, or some other equitable arrangement as designated by the block coordinator.

 Absences Approved by the Instructor

Faculty instructors have the authority to grant excused absences from their specific class or senior block on a case-by-case basis; however, they are under no obligation to do so. Students should not schedule any travel without prior permission.