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Policy on Privately-Owned Animals

Policy on Bringing Privately Owned Animals on College of Veterinary Medicine Premises.

  1. Background
    The College of Veterinary Medicine will have sizable populations of animals in its teaching hospital, research animal quarters, and teaching animal unit. These animals will be maintained under controlled conditions to carry out the functions of the College. The presence of other animals in proximity to these brings the possibility of disease transmission to, and other undesirable interactions with, these client or college owned animals. Furthermore, offices, laboratories, classrooms, and commons area of the College are not designed to accommodate animals. Animals in these areas could result in property damage and undesirable interactions between the animals and other occupants.
  2. Policy
    Faculty, staff, students and visitors are not allowed to bring privately owned animals with them onto the College of Veterinary Medicine premises unless they are a client bringing the animal(s) directly to the teaching hospital. Exceptions to this policy may be granted by the Director of Animal Resources for good and sufficient reasons.  The Director of Laboratory Animal Resources is currently located at the CVM Reproductive Physiology Lab and their phone number is 513-2931.

Revised: 11/18/08