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Classroom Cleanup Policy

Facilities staff must have total access to all classrooms, Monday-Friday, from 5:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. to clean.  Students, staff or faculty using the facilities during this time have to vacate while rooms are cleaned.  This cleaning can be done at no other time.

Students/faculty and other room users should should not leave any materials that they wish to keep in the classroom after 8 p.m. The college is not responsible for books, jackets, boots, handouts, etc. left in the classrooms. Please remove all materials daily.

Pop cans, coffee cups, etc. should be trashed and not left on the floor or in the classrooms.  Scotch taped signs to veneered doors, painted walls, etc. will be removed whenever they appear.  Your help in putting them in the proper place will be appreciated.

These classrooms are “public” areas, so everyone can and must understand the need to help.