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Course Evaluations

Course evaluations are distributed electronically to freshmen, sophomore and junior classes on the last day of classes. The opportunity to evaluate the course(s) extends until the last day of selectives. Once the evaluation period closes, the evaluations are tabulated and sent to Dr. Keven Flammer for distribution to the Faculty Committee on Curriculum and Course Evaluations. Three members on the committee consisting of students and faculty are assigned a course(s) to evaluate. A template was developed for the evaluations process. The FCCCE will review and make recommendations as needed. The course evaluations are sent to the department head for distribution to the course coordinators. Please note that courses are evaluated every three years unless the content of the course or the instructor changes or a special request is made for the course to be evaluated. The course is then evaluated at the end of that semester.


  1. Students will evaluate fall courses in November and spring courses in April.

FALL 2011 (2014)

SPRING 2009 (2012)

FALL 2009 (2012)

SPRING 2010 (2013)

FALL 2010 (2013)

SPRING 2011 (2014)

Clinical Courses are evaluated at the conclusion of each block electronically! Results are sent to the department heads and faculty evaluated at the end of fall and spring semesters.

Revised 1/7/11