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Examination Policy

Course leaders will submit to the class their class schedule which includes quiz, tests and examinations. Unannounced quizzes are at the discretion of the instructors. These dates are also shared with the faculty that is managing courses in the same year and semester. All quizzes and tests are considered to be part of class time. If scheduled outside of the normal class period, compensatory time will be given to classes. It is hoped that no class will take more than one major examination in one day (one major and a minor quiz are permitted). No final examinations are to be given before the semester is over, except when previously approved by the Academic Affairs Office before the first class period for the semester.
Students may petition the faculty directly if an alteration in scheduling is desired during the semester. It is expected that the class president will present the request. Class votes to change a scheduled examination must be carried by a 2/3 majority, i.e., 2/3 of the class total must vote in favor of the change. the designated time for the 1/3 of the class to take the quiz, tests, and exams must not interfere with any other class time. The class must be notified at least two class days prior to the vote of the proposed change and the date and time of voting. Faculty may accept or reject the request. Faculty may also schedule date changes if inclement weather prevents proper administration of the exam. The hour and time to be selected may fall outside of normal scheduled class time. Reasonable lead-time would be expected for all students to be aware of the change.
Final examination dates are arranged by the Academic Affairs Office and any changes must be initiated there. No final examination changes will be approved once they are announced at the beginning of the semester. Clarifications or questions may be directed to the Academic Affairs Office.

As noted in the Standards of Conduct (available at distribution, possession, or viewing of past exams for any course is a violation of the Standards of Conduct, unless the course leader has expressly given permission for such use via the course syllabus or email to the Office of Academic Affairs.