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General CVM Policies and Procedures

Alcohol and Drug Policy

Consumption, sale, or use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited within and on the premises of the school property. Violations will be handled as a crime by state law and punishable as such. Any student arrested for selling chemically controlled substances will be immediately dismissed from the professional program.

Animals Utilized in Student Classes

The faculty determine the content and makeup of the curriculum. Often the course requires the use of animals for instructional purposes. No students will be excused or waived from courses with or without animals. All students must complete all course work for degree certification. All animal use in the content of the curriculum is reviewed by the Faculty Committee on Laboratory Animal Resources and The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. (See “Principles of the Use of Animals”).

Classroom Conduct

Classes are to be conducted in an orderly manner and in accordance with University regulations. Smoking and/or eating are not allowed in academic areas. Smoking and eating will be confined to the posted areas only. NO pets are allowed on the campus unless they play a functional role in a course or are current patients of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Any clarification of classroom conduct may be obtained by contacting the Office of Academic Affairs, the instructor(s) or department involved. Personal items including books, coveralls, clothing, etc. will be discarded if left in the classrooms between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. There will be no exceptions – so please remove all personal items daily from classrooms.

Email – See CVM Computing Resources

William Rand Kenan, Jr., Library of Veterinary Medicine

The Veterinary Medical Library (VML) and audiovisual center are located on the first floor of Section A. The VML is part of the NCSU Libraries system, which also includes the D.H. Hill Library, with 24 hour access to all students, faculty and staff; the Textiles Library; the Design Library; and the Natural Resources Library. Library hours are posted online and on the door of the VML; hours are extended during exam periods. Many of the Libraries’ resources are available online from the Veterinary Medical Library’s website ( Materials from all NCSU Libraries are listed in the library catalog, and you can request that they be delivered free to VML for your use. You can also request materials not available on campus for free through Tripsaver interlibrary loan. An NCSU ID is required in order to check out items. Online course reserve materials are at; print reserve items are kept behind the service desk and circulate for two hours. Journals at the VML are shelved by journal title. Unbound journals do not circulate but photocopiers are available for your use. Viewing rooms and equipment are available for individual and group use of audiovisual media. VML has a large collection of video, audio, and multimedia titles which circulate for 7 days. Laptop computers, digital voice recorders, Flip video cameras, and other devices are available. Library staff provide research assistance, help acquiring materials, support for presenting and publishing, and answers to questions about library services and loan periods for all library materials. Reservations for rooms within the VML are handled by CVM – see


Sending injured students to the Academic Affairs Office to get instructions for obtaining treatment is a needless step. Faculty should send these students either directly to Rex Hospital or the NCSU Student Health Services depending on the severity of the injury. Students should have medical insurance and thus be covered for treatment. Get help first and then contact the Academic Affairs Office to process a supervisor’s accident report. Regardless of the student status, these reports must be filed within 24 hours of the injury. Working with animals is always associated with risk of disease or injury (bites, kicks, butts), that can be severe and life threatening. You are responsible for your own well being. Do not place yourself in unnecessarily risky situations.


The College of Veterinary Medicine is a “smoke free” building. All users of the building are expected to smoke in the designated areas only.

Proximity ID Badges and Building Security

As a privilege extended by the administration, Proximity ID Badges will be issued. Violations of the spirit of the Honor Code will be handled appropriately and in severe abuses, the privilege revoked. Students, faculty and staff are asked to share security responsibilities. Propped-open doors should be closed when found in keeping with the fire codes for our building.


Lockers will be assigned in August and assignments terminated in May. Assignments will be handled by the Academic Affairs Office located in room A-232 or call 513-6212. Charges will be assessed for any defacing of lockers. No relocation of locker assignments may be made without the Academic Affairs Office approval.

Mailboxes and Bulletin Boards

Each student will have a mailbox located in the student commons area outside the South Theater. Please be sure to check your mailbox for notices and other communications on a regular basis. Notices are to be placed ONLY on bulletin boards, never on doors, windows, walls, etc.


Due to construction, parking permits will not be issued to any new faculty, staff or students until the new parking deck is completed. The estimated completion date has been moved to summer 2009. At that time, everyone will have the opportunity to purchase a permit.

Free parking is available in the pasture lot, the state fairgrounds parking lot, in front of the Reproductive Physiology building or at Carter-Finley stadium. These areas are noted on the CVM website's construction link (see below).

Returning faculty, staff and students who won a permit in the parking lottery will be able to park in "C" designated lots. These lots are available Monday through Friday from 7 am to 5 pm. Do not park in these lots without a permit during these designated times. Fines start at $50 per violation. You may park in these lots after the designated times without a permit (daily from 5 am to 7 pm and on Saturday and Sunday).

You can view the schedule for Wolfline, the campus transportation service, at:

Alternative transportation options, including bicycling, can be found on the Wolftrails website at:

Check for construction updates at:

Any questions concerning parking should be directed to Ms. Michele Gurkin at 513-6211.

Posting of Grades

No student grades or performance will be made public by posting. All academic progress will be the private concern of the individual student and communicated to that individual by mailbox delivery, e-mail or faculty office visit.

Registration and Records

All items relating to student registration and records will be initiated in the Student Services Office, Room A-242 (513-6262). Such things as name and address changes, registration, transcript discrepancies, and grade audits will be handled in this office. When official university transcripts are needed, you must contact the University Registrar’s office on main campus, Room 100 Harris Hall or by calling 515-2572.

Student Deliveries, Telephone Messages and Personal Mail

Students are prohibited from utilizing the college address for personal business. Personal mail will not be delivered to student mailboxes. Items coming to the school will be returned to the sender. Any items that cannot be returned will be placed in the SCAVMA office. Flower or balloon delivery is discouraged. Mailboxes are for internal use only. Telephone message will only be delivered in emergency situations. If you are expecting an emergency message, please notify the Office of Academic Affairs.

Telephone, Cars and Supplies

The use of state telephone lines is prohibited for personal calls, as they are restricted to state and University business. A student phone has been placed in the Student AVMA Chapter Room (919.513.6484), and the financial responsibility for calls made on the phone will rest with the Student Chapter.

University cars and other vehicles are to be used for state and school related business only. No vehicle may be used by students for school related business unless permission is first obtained from the Academic Affairs Office. The driver must be on the CVM payroll.

Supplies are considered state property, and as with staff and faculty, students are not to use such supplies without permission and for any use other than business or class-related activities.

Weather Policy

Should closing of the University be required due to adverse weather, a radio announcement will be made by the Chancellor or a representative. A radio announcement indicating the closing of State Government offices due to adverse weather does not apply to the University. Please do not call the Academic Affairs Office to determine if classes will be held. We will follow the same guidelines as main campus. Listen to your local radio or television station for updated information. The status of the university may be obtained by calling 919.513.8888. You may obtain more information regarding adverse weather and other emergency conditions at Human Resources Adverse Weather Policies.