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Common Questions Concerning Instructor Evaluations

Who distributes the evaluations to the students?

Each department is responsible for obtaining and distributing the instructor evaluations. An assigned department representative will distribute the evaluations.

When should the evaluations be distributed to the students?

It is preferable to present the evaluations during class time during the last two weeks of class (not counting the final exam week). However, in team-taught courses, evaluations may be collected following each segment of presentation.

Should each instructor be evaluated?

Yes, every instructor who presents at least 9 lectures in any course will be required to participate and survey the students.

How are the completed evaluations collected?

The class president collects the evaluations and turns them in to the department representative. After all the final grades are turned in, the departmental office sends the evaluations to the NCSU Computing Center.

Who should keep the responses?

The responses are the property of the instructor and the department head