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Laboratory Animal Care and Facilities (Rev. 11/14/08)

Laboratory Animal Resources (LAR) is an administratively centralized service unit with husbandry, veterinary care, and oversight responsibilities for CVM research and teaching animals. LAR manages facilities in 13 buildings on the CVM campus (approximately 65,000 gross square feet of space) and has a staff of approximately 30, including three veterinarians with academic appointments in the Department of Clinical Sciences. LAR cares for an average census of roughly 5,000 animals, representing more than 20 species.

The mission of LAR is to provide CVM researchers with “optimal animal resources at the least practical cost.” Animal resources means routine housing and husbandry for research and teaching animals, but also animal facilities and equipment; research/teaching animal veterinary care; technical assistance with experimental procedures, handling, and animal transport; instruction in animal handling techniques; animal ordering; assistance with Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) procedures; and consultation on any aspect of laboratory animal medicine or animal model development. LAR has a web site that provides contact information for LAR staff, as well as policies and procedures for using research and teaching animals at the CVM.    

The Central Procedures Laboratory (CPL) is a fully equipped experimental surgery unit with operating rooms for small and large animal surgery and associated support areas. There are also conventional rooms that can be assigned for special procedures or animal housing. CPL staff are experienced in providing anesthesia and surgical support for a variety of species. The CPL Manager can be reached at 513-6486.