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Community Campus Partnership Contact

Phone: 919.513.3418

To get your community involved: If your...

  • County animal shelter
  • Animal control program
  • No-kill facility

...would like more information about any of our programs, call Dr. Kelli Ferris at 919.513.3418.

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Faculty Members:

Community Campus Partnership Programs

Animal Shelter Planned Pethood Program


Spay and neuter programs were in six counties in 1999 and in 12 counties in 2000. A Mobile Animal Surgical Hospital travels to participating shelters. This unit is towed by the Suburban described above. It is anticipated that these procedures will make animals more desirable to the public and that 90% of these dogs and cats will be adopted. Current rates of adoption of intact, eligible animals in participating shelters range from 6% to 51% at this time.

Wake County

Students give lectures on animal care and responsible pet ownership for prospective pet owners. Six community education sessions are planned each year. Surgery days have been scheduled for every weekend during the regular semesters and it is anticipated that 1200 cats and dogs will be altered during the 1999-2000 academic year. Adoption rates for cats and dogs altered by students during 1998-1999 were 100%.

Caring for the Pets of Emotionally Disturbed Children in Central North Carolina

Some families are unable to afford routine veterinary care and have had to give up keeping cats or dogs in the past. Loss of these pets has been very detrimental to many of these children. Veterinary students will expand their House-Call practice to include at least four clinics annually to serve these needs of these families.

This program is temporarily on hold.