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Emergency Responders Training Contact

Phone: 919.513.3418

To get your community involved: If your...

  • County animal shelter
  • Animal control program
  • No-kill facility

...would like more information about any of our programs, call Dr. Kelli Ferris at 919.513.3418.

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Faculty Members:

Training Programs for Animal Emergency Response


The NCSU CVM offers a range of training programs for veterinary students, veterinarians and veterinary technicians, the animal sheltering community, emergency management personnel, and animal owners and caregivers.

Our service-learning and experiential-learning programs equip the next generation of veterinarians with the disaster preparedness competencies necessary to respond efficiently and safely in an emergency, collaborating with a wide variety of emergency personnel. These competencies will make a difference in the lives of their clients as well as in the diverse communities they serve.

Programs for Veterinary Personnel and Emergency Responders

Resources for the Community

Online Training Opportunities

Federal Emergency Management Agency