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Exercise Overview/SOP

  • Training Exercise Aims & Schedule
  • Standard Operating Procedure for Intake and Processing (Word | PDF)
  • List of Equipment Used

Event Photos and News

Will be available after the event

Participant Information

  • Pre-Event Assessment (login required)
  • Event Date/Time (login required)
  • Event Directions (login required)
  • Post-Event Assessment (login required)


NC State Animal Response Team

Wake County Animal Care, Control & Adoption Section


Training for Animal Emergency Response

Sheltering Training Exercise for Emergency Responders and Partner Organizations



  1. Provide access to emergency management information tools and resources for communities and organizations setting up temporary sheltering operations.
  2. Integrate veterinary students, community volunteers and the library in emergency preparedness, response and recovery planning to prepare them to efficiently and safely preserve the health of animals, their owners and responders.
  3. Encourage, strengthen and/or expand partnerships with first responders and community emergency management personnel.

Project Coordinators

Dr. Brenda J. Stevens, DVM and Dr. Kelli Ferris, DVM

Information Resources to Prepare for Exercise

Caring for Animals

Caring for People


We are grateful for industry support for the following items essential to the care of the animals participating in the exercise.