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The Cancer Care Fund

Abby, black and tan mixed breed dog with Lymphoma


There is no species untouched by cancer. The devastating effects of cancer affect our pets, the human-animal bond, and more. But with increased research in the causes and treatments of various forms of cancer, novel therapies, new surgical, radiation and chemotherapy innovations and other therapies are helping to make a difference in the lives of our companion animals.

The Cancer Care Fund, overseen by Dr. Laurel Williams, is a fund that has been established through the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Foundation to help support research, teaching and more in of cancer research. Special research interests include Lymphoma (canine and feline), Canine osteosarcoma, angiogenesis and more.

To make a donation to the fund, or to receive more information regarding the fund, please contact research study technician, or call 919-513-6812.

Every dollar donated has the potential to impact the lives of our animal companions for future generations