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Financial and other Support for Owners


Dakotah, black and tan terrier mix with cancer"Dakotah" owned by Julie Nettifee Osborne, lost her battle to cancer in 2009. Her legacy though, can live on through support for cancer care funds and humane education programs. Read more about her journey and how you can help to impact the lives of pets with your donations in the article, "From Trash to Treasure-the Unexpected Gift," CVM Magazine, Fall 2010.

There are a number of useful links that may provide additional assistance and resources regarding cancer in companion animals. We suggest that you also visit some of these sites for information, client assistance funds, clinical trials in veterinary oncology and more!

Facing a diagnosis of cancer in a companion animal can be challenging on many fronts-fortunately there are organizations and groups established that understand this need and are a means of support in many ways-from emotionally understanding the journey, to supporting research, to fund diagnostic and treatment options, to financially assisting clients and their pets in need. The following is a listing of organizations that we are aware of that may offer financial or other support. Iff you know of an organization that you would like have included in this listing, please email

Please keep in mind that each organization is independent and has their own set of rules and guidelines. Therefore you will have to investigate each one separately to determine if you qualify for assistance