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Stories of Success...Stories of Hope


Dr. Laurel Williams, Cat


"Simon" has been one of the Winn Feline Lymphoma Study cases long-term success stories! Simon was featured in the CVM Magazine article, "Simon Says," Simon%20article%20pdf. Simon has successfully undergone treatment with a novel chemotherapy-radiation therapy protocol, as a participant in the Winn Feline Lymphoma Study conducted at NCSU-CVM. As of 2010, Simon is still going strong, 4+ years after initial diagnosis!


Mickey Hinsch and brother cats snuggle in a trio


"Mickey" another participant in the Feline Lymphoma Study snuggles with his "Cat mates." Mickey is also a Feline Lymphoma survivor and prior participant in the Winn Feline Lymphoma Study. achieving remission in excess of 2.5 years!