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CCMTR Member News Updates

Breen Award

Foundation Endows Oscar J. Fletcher Distinguished Professor in Comparative Oncology Genetics

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CCMTR Blog Feature

Heart of the Matter: Veterinary Medicine Cardiology Research and America's Heart Disease Burden
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One Medicine

Rudolf Virchow

"Between animal & human medicine, there is no dividing line – nor should there be." - Rudolf Virchow

Mission Statement

The mission of the CCMTR is to promote scientific discovery and facilitate its clinical application to achieve the goal of improving the health of animals and humans. Translational research is patient-centric. The needs of the patients direct the emphasis of basic research, patient samples provide the critical resource to investigate the basis of disease, and patient participation in clinical studies is required to generate the evidence needed to apply new drugs, vaccines and technology to the broader patient population. Initiatives at the Center are designed to develop the multidisciplinary teams necessary to bring an idea from the lab to the patient. The Center is home to service cores that provide advanced technology, collect and store clinical patient samples, and perform clinical trials to validate new medical interventions. For more information contact the Center Director, Dr. Jorge Piedrahita.

Saving Lives Through Discovery.”  The mission of the CCMTR is to make sure that we impact the lives of our patients with our discoveries. We believe that working with animals we can help both animals and humans (One Medicine).  To accomplish our mission, we fund on a regular basis pilot grants that help to develop ideas, support student training, and provide outreach. Through funds specifically established for this mission under the direction of the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Foundation, (CCMTR) you can help to drive this discovery forward and help impact the lives of our patients. Here is a copy of our brochure. For more information about these partnerships, contact Jorge Piedrahita or email Julie Nettifee Osborne,

CCMTR Leadership Team

Jorge PiedrahitaDr. Jorge Piedrahita, Director 

Dr. Piedrahita is charged with managing a research center involving more than 140 participants representing 24 departments from five colleges within NC State, plus Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, and University of Tennessee. He supports interactions between clinical and basic research groups by developing mechanisms that encourage and facilitate those interactions. When investigators come together, learn about each other’s research, and discover areas of collaboration, veterinary and human patients receive the benefits of this scientific community.

Duncan LascellesDr. Duncan Lascelles, Associate Director 

As Associate Director for the CCMTR, Dr. Duncan Lascelles complements Dr. Jorge Piedrahita's experience and understanding of basic research with significant experience and understanding of clinical research, and the practical translation of basic research to the clinical setting. His role is to look for opportunities and initiatives that will assist clinical researchers to collaborate in the transition of basic discovery to 'cage side' or 'bed side' clinical therapies. In particular, his role is to optimize the use of naturally occurring disease in this process, and to promote and facilitate clinical research at the Veterinary Health Complex. He is also responsible for oversight of the Clinical Studies Core.

Shila NordoneDr. Shila Nordone, Assistant Director, Innovation and Commercialization

In this newly created position, Dr. Nordone will lead and manage faculty engagement with the animal and human health industry, both directly and in collaboration with the CVM/CCMTR Director of Business and Innovation.  Dr. Nordone will also provide strategic support and counsel for innovation initiatives, including planning and facilitating industry-associated engagements and programs; provide faculty with ongoing communication of opportunities and maintain current faculty research focus list for dissemination to industry; create lay language CCMTR portfolio of current faculty research projects for promotional purposes; and work across multi-disciplinary project teams to enhance collaborative opportunities for sponsored research.

Research Core Leaders