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Effect of a Probiotic on Gastrointestinal Toxicity in Dogs Receiving Doxorubicin


This is a 30 day study that will evaluate whether an oral probiotic protects the gastrointestinal tract from the toxic effects of a chemotherapy drug regimen for dogs.

Dogs receiving chemotherapy drugs as a treatment for cancer can suffer from gastrointestinal discomfort, including severe diarrhea, lack of appetite, nausea and weight loss. These side effects may discourage the dog’s owner from continuing chemotherapy or, if they are severe enough, may require the anticancer drug protocol to be altered in a way that minimizes its effectiveness. The investigators will evaluate whether oral probiotic supplementation can prevent or minimize adverse gastrointestinal side effects associated with chemotherapy. Giving patients a natural, non-drug supplement, such as probiotics, may decrease the severity or frequency of gastrointestinal toxicity and inflammation, improve nutritional health and improve the overall quality of life for dogs undergoing chemotherapy.   

Testing Requirement:


Financial Incentive:

Study will cover the cost of an initial serum chemistry profile, the study probiotic, and 5 days of Cerenia.


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Page last updated October 02, 2013