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Cognitive Testing in Normal and Neurologically Impaired Dogs


The neurology service evaluates and diagnoses dogs with a variety of brain diseases such as epilepsy, brain tumors and encephalitis on a daily basis. Currently, we do not attempt to quantify the effect of these diseases on cognitive functions such as memory and impulse control. However, this information is potentially of great importance. For example, we would like to understand whether surgery on a particular region of the brain results in loss of cognitive function, or whether one antiepileptic drug influences cognition more than another in order to understand the side effects of such drugs in full. In order to explore whether it is possible to quantify cognition in a meaningful way, we will evaluate tests of memory, laterality and impulse control in a population of normal dogs and dogs with diseases affecting their brains to see if we can identify differences between these populations. The data will serve as a baseline to design future studies on how brain disease affects cognition in dogs.

Testing Requirement:



All study procedures and evaluations will be performed at no cost to you. There is no additional financial incentive to take part in this study.


Natasha Olby: 919.513.7235, email: or Ms. Leonor Correira: 919.513.7235

Page last updated December 30, 2013