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Clinical Studies Core (CSC)


Saving Lives Through Discovery.”   The mission of the CCMTR is to make sure that we impact the lives of our patients with our discoveries. We believe that working with animals can help both animals and humans (One Medicine).  To accomplish our mission, we fund on a regular basis pilot grants that help to develop ideas, support student training, and provide outreach. The Clinical Studies Core is a critical component of the CCMTR, as patients with naturally occurring disease take part in projects that drive discovery forward. 

The mission of the Clinical Studies Core is to support interactions between clinical and basic research groups within North Carolina State University and to expand collaborative relationships beyond the university with practicing veterinarians, animal owners, and industry partners.

The CSC provides the following support and services:

Through funds specifically established for this mission under the direction of the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Foundation, (CCMTR, Clinical Studies Core fund) you can help to drive this discovery forward and help impact the lives of our patients.  For more information about these partnerships and how even one donation can make a difference in the lives of our animal companions and their owners, contact: Dr. Duncan Lascelles or Julie Nettifee Osborne

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