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Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Laboratory



Ms. Sarah Schuett, Manager
Phone: 919.513.6443



The Flow Cytometry Core Facility is located on the College of Veterinary Medicine Campus. We offer a variety of services that might be useful in your experiments. The following are the most common applications of flow cytometry:

• Immunophenotyping • Cell Sorting • Cell Cycle Analysis • Cell Aneuploidy • Apoptosis • Cell Proliferation Assays • Intracellular Calcium Flux

The core has three analyzers and one cell sorter. Users can be trained to operate the analyzers independently. If you need more details, please contact the lab.

In addition to the acquisition software, the lab has FlowJo, ModFit, and FCS express to help you create figures for publications.




Contact Sarah Schuett ( 919-513-6443) to schedule a seminar!


Please click here to access the Clinical Immunology Lab for Flow Cytometry Sample submission instructions.