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Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Laboratory



Ms. Sarah Bianco, Manager
Phone: 919.513.6443



We are happy to announce that Ms. Sarah Bianco has started as our new flow cytometry and cell sorting core facility manager.

Sarah is a graduate of NC State with a degree in biochemistry.  She comes to us with an excellent background in cell sorting and flow cytometry techniques.  In particular, she has extensive training in identifying and sorting various types of stem cells. 

Sarah has working knowledge of all our equipment and is already getting up to speed with all of our equipment.

Please welcome Sarah and once again, apologies for the interruption in service.  It is our hope to continually improve access and training
for users of the facility.  

Signup for all flow cytometry and cell sorting needs is now online. Please contact Sarah Bianco by email to be added to the online signup.

Jonathan Fogle