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Internal Medicine

Genetic Investigation of Addison’s Disease in Standard Poodles



Hypoadrenocorticism (Addison’s Disease) is a life-threatening endocrine disease caused by immune-mediated destruction of the adrenal glands in dogs.  This disease is common in Standard Poodles, and is strongly suspected to have a genetic basis. Understanding the genetic basis of Addison’s Disease in dogs may lead to a better understanding of the disease mechanism, alteration of breeding practices to reduce the disease prevalence, and a better understanding of this disease in humans.

Enrollment Period:

December 2013-August 2014

Testing Requirements:

A small blood sample for DNA will be collected from dogs with and without the disease.  An additional sample is required for the ACTH Stimulation test, although this amount is minimal as well.


Financial Incentive:


If you have any questions about this study or have a patient (or pet) that may be eligible, please contact the Clinical Studies Core at (919) 513-6384 or (919) 515-2633 or

Page last updated March 05, 2014