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How to Join the CCMTR

Prospective members must be nominated by a full member of the CCMTR.  A nominating letter, CV and choice of research core should be sent by email to the Center administrative assistant (  The nominating materials will be presented to the CCMTR Executive Committee for a vote.  Membership requires a simple majority vote.  Results of the vote will be communicated to the applicant and nominating member by the Center administrative assistant.

CCMTR Full Membership Guidelines

Success of the center depends, in large part, on assembling faculty with complementary interests and expertise who are willing to work in a highly collaborative setting.  Applications for membership will be evaluated in consideration of these attributes.

 The following are guidelines for Full Membership to the Center:

  1. Faculty member at North Carolina State University or other academic or research institution.  This includes tenure-track, research track and clinical track faculty.
  2. Research emphasis. There must be a clear fit between the mission of the research core and the applicant’s research interest, and/or
  3. Clinical expertise. There must be a clear fit between the clinical mission of each unit and the applicant’s expertise.
  4. Record of productivity. Publication record, including clinical cases, will be reviewed.
  5. Extramural funding record.

Full members of the CCMTR are eligible to:

  1. Vote on matters requiring a vote of the faculty of the CCMTR.
  2. Serve on the CCMTR standing committees.
  3. Chair standing or ad hoc committees of the CCMTR.
  4. Act as principal investigator (PI) in grants sponsored/funded by the CCMTR.

Review Guidelines for Full Members

Membership will be reviewed every three years.  Renewal will be based on record of productivity as it relates to center function and will include the following criteria:

  1. Evidence of inter- and intra-core collaborations.
  2. Participation in CCMTR committees.
  3. Evidence of grant writing efforts with other members of the CCMTR.
  4. Participation in center activities (seminars, symposia, workshops, annual meeting).

CCMTR Associate Membership Guidelines

To encourage participation of students and post graduate trainees not meeting the criteria for full membership, an Associate Membership is available. The guidelines for Associate membership are:

  1. Postdoctoral fellow, graduate student or research scientist.
  2. Research and/or clinical skills that fit with one or more of the research cores of the CCMTR.
  3. Sponsorship by a Full CCMTR member. It is the role of the sponsor to facilitate the incorporation of the Associate member into the functions of the CCMTR and assist them in becoming a Full CCMTR member.
  4. Associate members will be reviewed every three years, less if requested, to determine whether guidelines for Full membership have been met.

Associate members of the CCMTR are eligible to:

  1. Serve on standing or ad hoc committees of the CCMTR.
  2. Act as co-principal investigator on grants sponsored/funded by the CCMTR.
  3. Participate in all CCMTR-sponsored activities.

CCMTR Bylaws

Updated March 2014