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Effect of Cranberry Extract on Myelopathy-Associated Urinary Tract Infections


Acute spinal cord injuries are a common problem in dogs, and causeparalysis of the hind legs and of the bladder. In the period following a spinal cord injury, before the bladder regains normal function, dogs are predisposed to developing urinary tract infections. There is evidence that cranberry extract can inhibit the development of urinary tract infections by reducing the ability of certain bacteria to stick to the bladder wall. This study will evaluate whether cranberry extract can reduce the prevalence of urinary tract infections in dogs with spinal cord injuries following disc herniations by comparing dogs treated with a placebo with dogs treated with cranberry extract.


In order to qualify for the study your dog must have suffered a thoracolumbar spinal cord injury due to a disc herniation that was severe enough to cause the inability to walk, and that was treated with decompressive surgery at NCSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital or Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists.

Financial Incentive:

Your dog will receive cranberry extract or placebo, as well as urinalysis and urine cultures free of charge. Your dog will also be rechecked free of charge three times following surgery, enabling us to closely monitor its progress.


Kim Williams: or 919.513.7235

Page last updated September 04, 2013