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Canine Soft Tissue Sarcoma


Soft tissue sarcomas are the most common type of solid tumors in dogs. They are locally invasive tumors with a high local recurrence rate. The metastasis rate is around 25-33% depending on the tumor type and grade. The laboratory of Dr. Marlene Hauck is evaluating the genetic changes that are seen soft tissue sarcomas that metastasize versus ones that do not. Our goal is to identify a gene or protein “signature” to identify those tumors most likely to metastasize, and ultimately to improve the outcome for dogs with soft tissue sarcomas.

Testing Requirement:

A biopsy sample is obtained from the sarcoma for the genetic analysis and immediately placed in an RNA preserving solution. This can occur at NCSU or at the primary veterinarian.


Dogs diagnosed with the following types of soft tissue sarcomas: fibrosarcomas, hemangiopericytomas, liposarcomas, leiomyosarcomas, rhabdomyosarcomas, myxosarcomas, peripheral nerve sheath tumors, and undifferentiated sarcomas.

Financial Incentive:

There is no financial incentive to take part in this study, but we will ship the preservative to any veterinarian willing to collect a biopsy.


Rose Caspar at 919.513.8276 or

Page last updated September 04, 2013