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Pain Management

Presence and Measurement of Central Sensitization Associated with Chronic Painful Disease in the Dog


This project aims to determine whether or not central sensitization occurs in chronically painful naturally occurring disease. The study will focus on the dog, and the disease of osteoarthritis. We will develop techniques to measure central sensitization in vivo, in dogs with naturally occurring painful disease. From this we will determine whether or not the quantitative sensory testing (mechanical, heat, cold) is different between normal dogs and dogs with osteoarthritis. Later we will be developing methods to measure nociceptive withdrawal reflexes and descending noxious inhibitory control.


Study Incentives:

The study will cover the cost of the physical and orthopedic examinations, radiographs, serum chemistry profile, and complete blood count (CBC). No other financial incentives are offered for participation.


Dr. David Knazovicky at 919-513-6019 or

Page last updated October 02, 2013