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Grant Opportunities


Saving Lives Through Discovery.”   The mission of the CCMTR is to make sure that we impact the lives of our patients with our discoveries. We believe that working with animals we can help both animals and humans (One Medicine).  To accomplish our mission, we fund on a regular basis pilot grants that help to develop ideas, support student training, and provide outreach. Through funds specifically established for this mission under the direction of the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Foundation, (CCMTR) you can help to drive this discovery forward and help impact the lives of our patients.  For more information about these partnerships, contact Jorge Piedrahita ( or Julie Nettifee Osborne (

Young Innovator Awards in Translational Research

This grant competition is intended to recognize and support early stage investigators, at the graduate student, resident or postdoctoral fellow level, who understand the need for tangible outcomes in research. The Young Innovator Award will provide trainees seed money to pursue an independent research project that exemplifies the convergence of research and the practice of medicine. While basic science projects are welcomed, projects with a translational goal will be given higher priority. Maximum request is $7,500, and we anticipate funding two - three projects. 

Key dates.

Young Innovator Guidelines

Preproposal Application

Pilot Project Grants Program

Critical Issues in Clinical Research: "Meet and Greet" Proposals

Program Goal:

The goals of the program (co-sponsored by the CCMTR and CVM Office of Research and Graduate Studies) are to build a small interdisciplinary team to tackle a very specific clinical problem, and to provide seed funding to start the collaborative effort.

What exactly is a “Meet and Greet?”

What we are envisioning is that you identify a small group of investigators who would contribute to solving a critical clinical question. That group would then meet in essentially a “think tank” type of format. They would be encouraged to bring posters of previous work in this area so others can see what type of work they are doing, or to give a very short presentation describing their expertise. The PI of the proposal would then introduce the problem being presented in as much detail as possible and either the PI, or a moderator selected by the PI, would steer the discussion for the rest of the meeting. For this to work the teams need to be small, people need to be willing to share and discuss, and the goals have to be very specific. At the end of the meet and greet there should be a set of action items including preparation of one or more pilot project proposals. Those proposals would be reviewed and, depending on merit, one or more funded at $15,000 per proposal. For additional details, see the Guidelines below.

Key dates.

Meet and Greet Proposal Guidelines

Meet and Greet Proposal Application

Service Core Grants Program - Continuously Accepted

The goal of this grant program is to subsidize member access to CCMTR Services Cores. Applications are continuously accepted and will be considered based on merit and availability of funds.

Service Core Grant Application

CCMTR Innovations Grant


To support proposals that advance the objectives of the CCMTR. Specifically, proposals that benefit multiple investigators, encourage basic/clinical investigator interactions, and/or provide critical resources for submission of extramural, multi-investigator proposals will be considered responsive to this RFP. Proposals can be submitted by a research core, a service core, groups of investigators or individual investigators. Funds may be used to purchase equipment, upgrade equipment, develop a new reagent or resource, establish a new service core, expand an existing service core, support a workshop or invited seminar speaker, or perform critical studies needed for a multi-investigator extramural grant submission.

Funds available and anticipated number of awards.

$80,000 is available for this RFP. There is no minimum request but the maximum request cannot exceed $80,000. Budgets that exceed $80,000 in total costs must demonstrate the source of additional funds needed to complete the objective of the proposal.


Any member of the CCMTR may apply as principal investigator.

Proposal format.

Proposals should include a title, principal investigator(s), co-investigators, PI contact information, budget and budget justification. The description of proposed use of funds should be brief as possible while providing a clear understanding of the nature of the proposal, the means to accomplish the objective(s), and the scope and expected benefit to the members of the CCMTR. Relevant information can be appended such as equipment specifications, workshop agenda, etc. Investigator CVs need not be included. The review committee may request additional information for competitive proposals.

Key dates.


Proposals should be submitted as a PDF by email to:


Contact Jorge Piedrahita, phone: 515-7407 email: