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Statistical Support for Clinical Studies

Emily GriffithDr. Emily Griffith, a member of the NCSU Department of Statistics, provides statistical consulting services to the CVM.

Brian Gaines, a graduate research assistant from the NCSU Department of Statistics, also provides statistical support to the CVM.

This service is funded by the Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine and provided as a service through the Clinical Studies Core, housed under the CCMTR. There is no fee charged for this service. Brian Gaines

Services provided include but are not limited to:

-experimental design

-basic to advanced statistical analysis

-assistance with interpretation of statistical results

- preparation of power analyses for grant submissions

-collaboration on manuscript preparation (statistical methods, results) and responding to reviewers

In order to allow us to give you the appropriate assistance, please allow 10 business days before the PINS deadline for input on grant proposals (e.g., power analyses).

Please contact Emily or Brian to arrange a meeting to discuss your statistical needs: