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Avian Pathology Online

Dr. Oscar J. Fletcher

Dr. Oscar Fletcher

Professor, Poultry Health Management
Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Pathologists
Diplomate, American College of Poultry Veterinarians




Course Outlines

Basic Responses of Avian Tissues to Injury

    Video - Introduction to Avian Pathology - Dr. Fletcher

    Guiding Principles

    The Art of the Avian Necropsy - Dr. Barnes

    Avian Necropsy

    Powerpoint with Movie - Some Basic Concepts of Gross Pathology

    Avian Necropsy and Atlas of Avian Diseases

    NDV and AI Lesions

    Current References on Inflammation Resource

    1.1 Introduction: Terms and Language of Pathology

    1.2 Disturbances of Circulation

    1.3 Inflammation

    1.4 Inflammation and Degeneration & Necrosis

    1.5 Disturbances of Growth

    1.6 Features or "Things" Viral, Bacterial and Mycotic

    1.7 Parasites

    1.8 Minerals, Urates, Pigments, Dust, Plant Material, Amyloid

    1.9 Features-Normal, not associated with lesions

    Assignment - Evaluate a slide with classic lesions of inflammation

    Virtual Slide AH146

    Template for Lesion Inventory


Basic Responses (above) plus Lymphoid, Respiratory, and Alimentary Systems.    

Lymphoid System

    3.1 Lymphoid System - Basic Responses

    3.2 Lymphoid System Viral Diseases

    3.3 Lymphoid System, Bacterial Diseases

    3.4 Lymphoid System, Parasitic Diseases

    3.5 Lymphoid System, Neoplastic Diseases

    3.6 Lymphoid Diseases, Miscellaneous Conditions      

Respiratory System

    Links to Avian Respiratory Articles

    4.1 Upper Respiratory System

    4.2 Trachea

    4.3 Lung

    4.4 Air Sacs

Alimentary System

    5.1 Alimentary System - Oral Cavity and Tongue

    5.2 Alimentary System - Esophagus

    5.3 Alimentary System - Crop and Proventriculus

    5.4 Alimentary System - Gizzard

    5.5 Alimentary System - Intestines - Viral and Bacterial Leisons

    5.6 Alimentary System - Intestines - Parasites and Neoplasia

    5.7 Alimentary System - Ceca and Cloaca

Basic Responses plus all body systems

Includes Basic Responses, Lymphoid, Respiratory, and Alimentary Systems and:

Integumentary System

    2.1 Integumantary System, Normal Anatomy and Basic Responses

    2.2 Integumentary System Viral Diseases

    2.3 Integumentary System, Bacterial Diseases

    2.4 Integumentary System, Mycotic Diseases

    2.5 Integumentary System, Parasitic Diseases

    2.6 Integumentary System, Neoplasia

    2.7 Miscellaneous Skin Conditions

Hepatobiliary System

    6.1 Hepatobiliary - Normal, Degeneration & Toxic Injury, Amyloid

    6.2 Hepatobiliary - Viral Diseases

    6.3 Hepatobiliary - Bacterial Diseases

    6.4 Hepatobiliary - Parasitic and Mycotic Diseases

    6.5 Hepatobiliary - Neoplasia

Urinary System

    7.1 Urinary System - Normal

    7.2 Urinary System - Degeneration and Necrosis

    7.3 Urinary System - Viral Diseases

    7.4 Urinary System - Bacterial, Parasitic, and Neoplastic Diseases

Cardiovascular System

    8.1 Cardiovascular System - Normal and Toxic Injury

    8.2 Cardiovascular System - Viral, Bacterial, and Mycotic

    8.3 Cardiovascular System - Neoplasia and Blood Vessels

Musculoskeletal System

    Learning Module 9 Objectives

    9.1 Musculoskeletal System - Muscle

    9.2 Musculoskeletal System - Bone - Normal and Rickets

    9.3 Musculoskeletal System - Bone - Dyschondroplasia, Osteochondrosis, Osteomyelitis, and Neoplasia

    9.4 Musculoskeletal System - Joints and Tendons  

Nervous System, Eye, Ear, and Endocrine

    10.1 Nervous System, Eye, Endocrine - Brain - Degenerative and Viral

    10.2 Nervous System, Eye, and Endocrine - Brain - Bacterial, Mycotic, and Protozoal

    10.3 Nervous System, Eye, and Endocrine - Eye

    10.4 Nervous System, Eye, and Endocrine - Endocrine System    

Reproductive System

    11.1 Reproductive System - Male

    11.2 Reproductive System - Female  

Multisystem Diseases - Review

    Selected Diseases & Conditions I

    Selected Diseases II

    Exudates on Organs


Virtual Slides


Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD, Gumboro)

Normal Tissue - No Diagnostic Lesions

Integumentary System

Lymphoid System

Respiratory System

Alimentary System

Hepatobiliary System

Urinary System

Cardiovascular System

Musculoskeletal System

Nervous System

Reproductive, Special Senses, Endocrine and Hematopoietic Systems


Gross Lesions


Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD, Gumboro)

Gross Lesions from Dr. Fetcher's PDRC Collection