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The Counseling Services Office offers:

Academic Counseling

Graduate school is rigorous and demands a lot of time and attention from students. Some students may experience academic difficulties during their graduate years, and students are welcome to discuss challenges they are facing so as to develop better strategies to manage their time, learn, study and take tests.

Personal Counseling

Students may experience a wide variety of personal concerns related to depression, anxiety, relationship issues, trauma, abuse, anger, stress and other issues. The Counseling Services Office is a safe place to explore these issues and develop ways to better cope with problems that arise from life experiences. Counseling services are usually short-term in nature; if an off-campus referral is needed for longer-term or more intensive therapeutic assistance, consultation is available for identifying appropriate referrals.

Faculty and staff may access counseling services through the University's 24-hour Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FASAP).


Counseling Services also provides educational programming on wellness, mental health and academic topics of interest to students, faculty and staff. Workshops frequently offered include:

Grief Support

People may experience a wide array of emotions with the loss of their companion animal or when they need to make decisions about the life of their pet. Short-term grief support is available to those who use the Veterinary Teaching Hospital and who need to talk with someone about the feelings they have related to the loss of their animal friend. For ongoing assistance, referrals to grief counselors in the community are provided.