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Main Support

  • Office Room C101 Main Building
  • Telephone Number 513-OOPS (513-6677)
    • option 1 Web Application
      Support and UVIS
    • option 2 PC and A/V Support
  • Email

A/V Support

After Hours Support

  • M-F 5:00 pm - 7:00 am & weekends
    • Text Pager 982-3540 (Urgent needs only)

College of Veterinary Medicine Computer Recommendation


Please review and abide by our IT ethics policy 

The College of Veterinary Medicine’s minimum recommendations for existing computers do not differ from the general recommendations of NC State University. However, for those considering the purchase of a new computer we recommend a laptop/tablet computer and offer the following suggestions: 

Learning Style Quiz  Before choosing a laptop or a tablet, please consider your preferred learning styles. A laptop might be best if you are a verbal or reflective learner, are a fast typist and are very comfortable with a mouse.  A tablet might be best if you are a visual or active learner, need to take notes and draw diagrams to learn, or have a slower typing style.

Recommended Software

For Macintosh Users

Additional Purchase Recommendations

Student Bookstore purchasing site

(The Apple IPad is not a recommended device due to lack of support for Adobe Flash learning objects in use at CVM.)