How to Burn Cd/DVD using Windows XP feature

When a recordable (blank) CD-R/DVD disc is put in to a CD-RW or DVD burner  on a computer running Windows XP you will see the following window appear.

Select the "Open CD folder using Windows Explorer" option.  Click OK.

A window will open showing the contents of the drive letter which corresponds to the CD-RW\DVD drive.

You can now "drag and drop" items into this volume (drive letter) using the left mouse.  Notice that there is a small arrow pointing down on the copied file icon.  This indicates that it is in the CD-R\DVD copy buffer but not on the CD\DVD media yet.

You must click on the "Write these files to CD" link located in the upper left corner of the window under the section entitled "CD Writing Tasks".

The CD Writing Wizard will appear and ask you to name the CD-R\DVD.  Insert a name or leave the default and then click on Next.

At this point, the files will actually begin coping from the CD-R copy buffer to the CD-R\DVD media itself.

Congratulations!  You have burned the CD-R\DVD.  If you want to copy the exact same data to another CD-R\DVD disc, check the "Yes, write these files to another CD".

When completed you can select Finish.  The CD-R\DVD copy buffer will then be deleted from your hard drive.