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Main Support

  • Office Room C101 Main Building
  • Telephone Number 513-OOPS (513-6677)
    • option 1 Web Application
      Support and UVIS
    • option 2 PC and A/V Support
  • Email

A/V Support

After Hours Support

  • M-F 5:00 pm - 7:00 am & weekends
    • Text Pager 982-3540 (Urgent needs only)

Services & Policies

Computing Resources supports the computer network infrastructure, develops programs and supports individuals and departments with their computing needs across the college.

1. Hours:

PC Support

Regular University Hours 8 am – 5 pm, Monday through Friday

UVIS Support

Regular: 7 am – 5:00 pm Monday through Friday
After Hours: 5:00 pm – 7 am and 24 hours Weekends and Holidays

2. Contact Methods:


For PC Support Help Desk (OOPS line- 3-6677) (option 2)

Response time: Acknowledgment generally by half an hour. Task accomplishment depending on urgency. Efforts are made to resolve calls as soon as possible taking into account table below.

For Hospital System support (UVIS)

  1. Check with co-workers, supervisor, or Area Coordinator first. Often they have had the same issue.
  2. Call the Hospital Information Systems Liaison 3-6814
  3. If unable to resolve the issue and the hospital liaison is unavailable call 3-6677 option 1.  This is the Computing Resources Programmers line.  Leave a message if the phone is not picked up.
  4. If urgent and you have been unable to contact someone, call the after hours beeper 982-5934.

Hospital System After Hours Beeper (982-3540)

Response time: Usually immediate by Computing Resources System Programmers ( 3-6677 option 1) during regular hours Monday through Friday. After Hours within half hour of page.


Email (for PC Support)

Response time: Acknowledgment same day. Task accomplishment depending on urgency.

3. Workstation Services:

a. Hardware support:

b. Software Support:

c. Standard Software:

* College computers only
** Macintosh computers

d. Non-Standard Software

Non-Standard software must be reported to OIT for Clickwrap approval prior to installation. CVM Computing Resources will provide very general consultation and assistance with applications and systems that are not listed as standard software. This includes locally (on a user's computer hard drive) installed application software. This assistance will focus on ensuring the software will not adversely affect the computer network.

4. Personally-owned computers

Personally-owned computers (faculty,staff,students,no-pays,etc.) are not supported at CVM. Remote desktop access is allowed conditional on supervisor approval. The CVM Computing Resources will recommend the necessary software and hardware to enable access, and owners can review the following webpage Getting Connected from Off Campus for further assistance. Wireless access is available throughout the CVM main building, Terry Center and Research building.

5. Workstation Services Provided by the User

6. Network Services Provided by CVM Computing Resources