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Main Support

  • Office Room C101 Main Building
  • Telephone Number 513-OOPS (513-6677)
    • option 1 Web Application
      Support and UVIS
    • option 2 PC and A/V Support
  • Email

A/V Support

After Hours Support

  • M-F 5:00 pm - 7:00 am & weekends
    • Text Pager 982-3540 (Urgent needs only)

CVM Policy Statement on Windows 8

Window 8 is the latest operating system available from Microsoft.  Most new commercially available computers are shipping with this version pre-installed.  However, CVM Computing Resources is not yet deploying or supporting Windows 8.

Many applications used at CVM are either not supported currently for use with Windows 8, or have not been tested and/or certified for use with Windows.  Some of these include SAS, BioRad Image Lab, and SigmaPlot 12 and prior.

Windows 8 includes Internet Explorer 10 which is not supported for use by RIS (Radiology Information System).  Our own in-house developed applications such as CRESS and PICO have not been developed for use in IE 10 or tested.

The back-end management of this operating system is very different.  We will require time to test and make necessary adjustments so there will be a smooth transition to Windows 8 at some point.

The Windows 8 user interface is very different than Windows 7 and Windows XP. We have very limited testing with this operating system and will need time to learn it and develop some basic documentation on what’s different, navigation, and tips & tricks.