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Presence and Measurement of Central Sensitization Associated with Chronic Painful Disease in the Dog

Black dog leg with pen-like probe touching perpendicular and stop clock


In this study, we aim to determine chronically painful naturally occurring disease (osteoarthritis) results in abnormal changes in the way sensations are processed by the body.

This is extremely important to know, because if these changes are present, then particular treatments may be needed to normalize these changes and so dramatically improve pain control.

We will be testing the way sensations are processed in normal dogs and in dogs with chronic pain, using the same techniques used in human patients, Quantitative Sensory Threshold (QST) testing (response to mechanical, heat and cold stimuli).  


Study Incentives:

The study will cover the cost of the physical and orthopedic examinations, radiographs, serum chemistry profile, and complete blood count (CBC). No other financial incentives are offered for participation.


Dr. David Knazovicky at 919-513-6019 or