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Comparative Pain Research Lab


Cats DO get arthritis! Your cat might not be "just getting old"

head of orange long haired cat

Is your cat unable to get around like he/she used to? He/She might have arthritis.
See examples of arthritic cats here.

Two studies are underway. One study involves giving a daily medication of an NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug). The other is a pilot study involving giving a one-time injection of an anti-nerve growth factor antibody. Both studies will hopefully lead to finding better ways to treat pain in cats.

See if your cat might qualify. Please complete the self-screen checklist.


News for CPRL


At the Annual College of Veterinary Medicine Awards Ceremony on 23rd April 2015, Dr. Margaret Gruen received the Leroy Coggins Graduate Fellowship Award, in recognition of her innovative and influential research. Congratulations!

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Mission is to improve our ability to manage pain in non-human species

Nuestra misión es mejorar la capacidad de controlar el dolor en especies animales diferentes al ser humano.