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Do You Have a Healthy Spaniel or Poodle?

We need you!


We are performing a study to compare the daily activity levels of healthy dogs* against the activity of dogs with heart disease.


Dogs that match our needs will get FREE health screening to include a physical examination, blood work (CBC/Chemistry panel/Thyroid test/Urinalysis) and chest x-rays. Your dog will wear a small activity monitor on their collar for about 15 days and you will be asked to complete some short questionnaires.




Lots of free services (valued ~$300) and help us finish our study. Also you will get a print out of your dog’s activity and find out what he/she does when you are not around!

Here’s Who We Need:

Breed Age Range (years) Weight Range (pounds) Uses Stairs** Children/Other Dogs





Poodle Mix





King Charles Spaniel





*Healthy dog = no limping, good body condition, must either have NO heart murmur or less than Grade II/VI murmur.

**Does he/she use stairs on a regular basis?

HOW TO FIND OUT IF YOUR DOG MIGHT BE A CANDIDATE: Call us at 919-513-6854 or email us at

Please provide us with your dog’s breed, age, approximate weight, sex, whether you have stairs, children or other pets More Information

Does your dog have a heart murmur?

Recruitment Closed for subject dog

If so, he may be eligible for a new study of heart disease!  We are enrolling dogs with early heart disease into a clinical trial to measure their activity at home.  We will record their activity with a small device (the size of a quarter) that is attached to their collar.  Activity will be recorded before, and during treatment with a medication used to treat heart disease.

Requirements:  The study will require an outpatient appointment with the cardiology service at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.  Your dog will then wear the collar/activity recording device for two weeks, then for another two weeks after twice-daily medication is started.

Benefits to you:  The study will pay $300 towards the cost of an evaluation by the cardiology service and the cost of the medication.  The evaluation includes an extensive health screening. 

By comparing your pet’s activity before and after addition of the medication, and by comparing activity with that of a similar dog without heart disease, we hope to be able to measure any increase in your pet’s activity and vigor when treated with the medication.

Please contact The Comparative Pain Research Lab or call 513.513.6854