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Contact Information

Dr. Lizette Hardie, Department Head
Phone: 919.513.6230
Fax: 919.513.6464

Eva Cook, Executive Assistant
Phone: 919.513.6230/6380
Fax: 919.513.6464

Department of Clinical Sciences

The mission of the Department of Clinical Sciences: We are dedicated to excellence in educating and training veterinarians and comparative biomedical scientists, furthering health care and wellness through discovery and clinical research, providing outstanding and compassionate medical care to a diverse range of animal patients, effectively engaging animal-owning public, government and industry partners, and providing leadership in integrating biomedical sciences to advance One Health.

The Department of Clinical Sciences has 70 faculty members, 54 residents, interns, and post-doctoral fellows, 12 graduate students, 25 research technicians and 3 administrative staff. The department provides learning opportunities within the four-year veterinary curriculum (educational information) and through continuing education for practitioners. Within the Veterinary Health Complex, faculty and staff provide care for patients, teach veterinary students, and provide advanced training for interns and residents.

Faculty are very active in research programs to improve the health and welfare of animals and people. The Comparative Biomedical Sciences graduate program allows graduate students to focus their research in the areas of cell biology, infectious diseases, pharmacology, pathology, and population medicine. Other graduate programs with which departmental faculty are affiliated include programs in immunology, physiology, toxicology and functional genomics. Faculty are also involved with the Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology graduate program.