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Anthony Blikslager, DVM, PhD, DACVS

Anthony Blikslager

Professor, Equine Surgery & Gastroenterology
Phone: 919.513.7725
Fax: 919.513.6717


Professional Experience & Qualifications


Congress Hyderabad• Applied Equine Research Award, World Equestrian Veterinary Association, Hyderabad, India, 2011. (see picture to right)
• Inducted as a Fellow of the American Gastroenterological Association, 2010
• Pfizer Award for Excellence in Research, College of Veterinary Medicine, North Carolina State University, 2006

Research Area

Gastrointestinal Physiology, studying mechanisms responsible for maintenance and restoration of the intestinal barrier, with the ultimate objective of pharmacologically restoring the mucosal barrier in patients suffering from diseases associated with increased intestinal permeability. Restoring the intestinal barrier would be of particular significance in patients suffering from diseases such as intestinal ischemia/reperfusion injury, inflammatory bowel diseases, and gastric ulcer disease because of the potential medical complications associated with these diseases.

Recent Publications

Holland B, Fogle C, Blikslager AT, Curling A, Barlow BM, Schirmer J, Davis JL. Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of three formulations of firocoxib in healthy horses. J Vet Pharmacol Ther 2014, in press

Gonzalez LM, Fogle CA, Baker T, Hughes F, Law M, Blikslager AT. Operative Factors Associated with Short-Term Outcome in Horses with Large Colon Volvulus: 47 cases from 2006 to 2013, Equine Vet J 2014 [Epub ahead of print]

Hill, T, Lascelles BD, Law M, Blikslager AT. The effect of tramadol and indomethacin co-administration on gastric barrier function in dogs. J Vet Intern Med, 2014, in press

Nighot P, Young K, Nighot M, Sung EJ, Maharshak N, Plevy SE, Ma T, Blikslager AT. Chloride channel ClC-2 is a key factor in the development of DSS-Induced murine colitis. Inf Bowel Dis 2013;19:2867-77

Jacobi SK, Moeser AJ, Blikslager AT, Rhoads JM, Corl BA, Harrell RJ, Odle J. Acute effects of rotavirus and malnutrition on intestinal barrier function in neonatal piglets. World J Gastroenterol 2013;19:5094-102.

Gonzalez LM, Williamson I, Piedrahita JA, Blikslager AT, Magness ST. Cell lineage identification and stem cell culture in a porcine model for the study of intestinal epithelial regeneration. PLoS One 2013;8:e66465

Labens R, Blikslager AT. Precision of a photogrammetric method to perform 3D wound measurements compared to standard 2D photographic techniques in the horse. Equine Vet J 2013;45:41-6

Labens R, Redding WR, Desai KK, Vom Orde K, Mansmann RA, Blikslager AT. Validation of a photogrammetric technique for computing equine hoof volume. Vet J. 2013 197:625-30

Labens R, Lascelles BD, Charlton AN, Ferrero NR, Van Wettere AJ, Xia XR, Blikslager AT. Ex vivo effect of gold nanoparticles on porcine synovial membrane. Tissue Barriers 2013;1(2):e24314

Davis W, Fogle CA, Gerard MP, Levine JF, Blikslager AT. Return to use and performance following exploratory celiotomy for colic in horses: 195 cases (2003-2010). Equine Vet J 2013:45:224-28. Featured at the AAEP Kester News Hour, 2013

Nighot M, Moeser A, Ueno R, Blikslager AT. Gastro protective properties of the novel prostone SPI-8811 against acid-injured porcine mucosa. World J Gastroenterol 2012;18:4684-92.

Jacobi SK, Moeser AJ, Corl BA, Harrell RJ, Blikslager AT, Odle J Dietary long-chain PUFA enhance acute repair of ischemia-injured intestine of suckling pigs. J Nutr 2012;142:1266-71

Cuppoletti J, Blikslager AT, Chakrabarti J, Nighot PK, Malinowska DH. Contrasting effects of linaclotide and lubiprostone on restitution of epithelial cell barrier properties and cellular homeostasis after exposure to cell stressors. BMC Pharmacol 2012;12:1-12

Hill TL, Blikslager AT. Effect of a zinc l-carnosine compound on acid-induced injury in canine gastric mucosa ex vivo. Am J Vet Res 2012;73:659-63.

Meyerhoff RR, Nighot PK, Ali RA, Blikslager AT, Koci MD. Characterization of turkey inducible nitric oxide synthase and identification of its expression in the intestinal epithelium following astrovirus infection. Comp Immunol Microbiol Infect Dis 2012;35:63-9

journal coverNighot PK, Blikslager AT. Chloride channel ClC-2 modulates tight junction barrier function via intracellular trafficking of occludin. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol 2012;302:C178-87. Featured On the Cover – see picture to the right

Messenger KM, Papich MG, Blikslager AT. Distribution of enrofloxacin and its active metabolite, using an in vivo ultrafiltration sampling technique after the injection of enrofloxacin to pigs. J Vet Pharmacol Ther 2012;35:452-9

Marshall JF, Bhatnagar AS, Bowman SG, Morris NN, Skorich DA, Redding CD, Blikslager AT. The effects of a novel anti-inflammatory compound (AHI-805) on cyclooxygenase enzymes and the recovery of ischaemia injured equine jejunum ex vivo. Equine Vet J 2011;43 Suppl 39:106-11

Grösche A, Morton AJ, Graham AS, Sanchez LC, Blikslager AT, Polyak MM, Freeman DE Ultrastructural changes in the equine colonic mucosa after ischaemia and reperfusion. Equine Vet J 2011;43 Suppl 39:8-15

Marshall JF, Bhatnagar AS, Bowman SG, Howard CM, Morris NN, Skorich DA, Redding CD, Blikslager AT. Evaluation of the cyclooxygenase selectivity of robenacoxib and its effect on recovery of ischaemia-injured jejunal mucosa in horses. Am J Vet Res 2011;72:226-32. Featured at the AAEP Kester News Hour, 2011

Vainio KM, Sykes BW. Blikslager AT. Primary gastric impaction in horses: A retrospective study of 20 cases (2005-2008). Equine Vet Educ 2011;23:186-90.

Davis JL, Marshall JF, Papich MG, Blikslager AT, Campbell NB. The pharmacokinetics and in vitro cyclooxygenase selectivity of deracoxib in horses. J Vet Pharmacol Ther 2011;34:12-16


Petschow BW, Blikslager AT, Weaver EM, Campbell JM, Polo J, Shaw AL, Burnett BP, Klein GL, Rhoads JM. Bovine immunoglobulin protein isolates for the nutritional management of enteropathy. World J Gastroenterol 2014;20:11713-11726

Cook VL, Blikslager AT. Should we use NSAIDs in Critically Ill Horses? J Vet Emerg Crit Care 2014, in press

Blikslager AT. Feeding intravenously saves the patient but starves the gut: consequences for the intestinal barrier. J Physiol 2013;591:3673.

Blikslager AT. Misoprostol: is it safety or a lack of understanding that prevents its more frequent usage? Equine Vet J 2013;45:8.

Marshall JF, Blikslager AT. The effect of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs on the equine intestine. Equine Vet J 2011;43 Suppl 39:140-4

Book Chapters

Blikslager AT, Marshall JM. Surgical disorders of the small intestine. In: Smith BP, Ed., Large Animal Internal Medicine, Elsevier, Maryland Heights, MO, 2014, in press

Marshall JM, Blikslager AT. Surgical disorders of the small intestine. In: Smith BP, Ed., Large Animal Internal Medicine, Elsevier, Maryland Heights, MO, 2014, in press

Hill T, Lascelles BDX, Blikslager AT. Gastroduodenal Ulceration. In: Monnet E, ed., Wiley-Blackwell, Ames IA, 2013, pp. 329-338

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Marshall, JM, Blikslager AT. Colic: Diagnosis, Surgical Decision, and Preoperative Management, In: Auer JA, Stick JA, eds, Equine Surgery. Saunders Elsevier, Missouri, 2012, pp. 402-406

Wilson DA, Blikslager AT. Stomach and Spleen. In Auer JA, Stick JA, eds, Equine Surgery. Saunders Elsevier, Missouri, 2012, pp. 388-401


Gastrointestinal Physiology Laboratory