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Tracy Gieger, DVM, DACVIM, DACVR

tracy gieger photoClinical Assistant Professor, Radiation Oncology
Phone: 919.513.6322
Fax: 919.513.6669



Professional Experience & Qualifications

Research Area

Radiation treatment planning and delivery; Reirradiation; Canine nasal tumors; Imaging as it relates to radiation oncology

Selected Publications

Gieger TL, Siegel S, Rosen K, Jackson D, Ware KG, Shiomitsu K. Re-irradiation of canine nasal carcinomas: 37 cases. Submitted to the Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association, in press; Feb 2013.

Balkman CE, Gieger TL, Zgola M, Lewis LD, McEntee M. In vitro characterization of docetaxel as a radiosensitizer in canine and feline cancer cell lines. Open journal of Veterinary Medicine, SciRes Dec 2012. Published online.

Keyerleber MA, Gieger TL, Erb HN, Thompson MS, McEntee MC. Three-dimensional conformal versus non-graphic radiation treatment planning for apocrine gland adenocarcinoma of the anal sac in 18 dogs (2002-2007). Vet Comp Oncol 2012; 10(4), 237-45.

Ratterree W, Gieger T, Pariaut R, Saelinger C, Strickland K. The value of echocardiography as a screening tool prior to doxorubicin administration: 101 cases. J Am An Hosp Assoc 48:89-96, Mar/Apr 2012.