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Michael Stoskopf, DVM, PhD, Dipl, ACZM

Michael Stoskopf

Professor of Aquatics, Wildlife, and Zoologic Medicine and of Molecular and Environmental Toxicology
Phone: 919.513.6279
Fax: 919.513.6258


DVM Colorado State University
PhD in Environmental and Biochemical Toxicology Johns Hopkins University
Diplomate of the American College of Zoological Medicine

Clinical Specialty

Zoologic medicine.

Professional Experience & Qualifications

Director of Environmental Medicine Consortium
Director of Veterinary International Programs
Chairman of NCSU Marine Sciences Council
ILAR Council, National Academy of Sciences
Research Associate, Smithsonian Institutions

Research Area

Environmental medicine applied to wildlife, health risk assessment, lipid biochemistry, paleoecology. See

Selected Publications

Niemuth, J. N., M. K. Stoskopf (2014) Hepatic Metabolomic Investigation of the North American Black Bear (Ursus americanus) Using 1H-NMR Spectroscopy. Wildlife Biology in Practice. 10(1): 14-23. doi:10.2461/wbp.2014.10.3

Tikunov, A. P. , M. K. Stoskopf, J. M. Macdonald (2014) Fluxomics of the Eastern Oyster for Environmental Stress Studies. Metabolites 4: 53-70. DOI 10.3390/metabo4010053

Niemuth, J. N., C. Sanders, C. B. Mooney, C. Deperno, M. K. Stoskopf (2014) Nephrolithiasis in Free-Ranging Lontra canadensis in North Carolina, USA. Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 45(1):110-117.

Stoskopf, M.K. (2013) Marine Mammals. The Merck Veterinary Manual, Eleventh Edition

Minter, L.J., D. S. Dombrowski, M. K. Stoskopf, C. A. Purnell, M. R. Loomis, R. S. De Voe (2013) Hematology and Plasma Biochemical Values for Free Ranging Cottonmouths (Agkistrodon piscivorus) in Central North Carolina. Herpetological Conservation and Biology 8(2):321-334.

Turner, M.M., C. S. DePerno, M. C. Conner, M. K. Stoskopf, T. B. Eyler, R. A. Lancia (2013) Habitat, Wildlife and One Health: Arcanobacterium pyogenes in Maryland and Upper Eastern Shore White-tailed Deer Populations. Infection Ecology & Epidemiology 3: 19175.


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