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Contact Information.

Natasha Olby Vet MB,PhD, MRCVS, DACVIM (Neurology)
Phone: 919-513-8286

Kim Williams
Spinal Cord Injury Program Coordinator
Phone: 919-513-7235

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The First Canine Paralympics


The first Canine Paralympics event was held as a part of the NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine Dog Olympics in Moore Square in downtown Raleigh, Saturday, September 11, 2010. The aims of this event were to raise public awareness of the problem of spinal cord injury in dogs, and to show people that dogs can live happily with a severe spinal cord injury. We also wanted to thank all the owners of paralyzed dogs that have supported our work by providing a fun event for them to show off their wonderful dogs. We could not perform the clinical trials and improve our ability to treat spinal cord injury in dogs without their help and dedication. See the Canine Spinal Cord Injury Program for more details of our clinical research.

We had three different classes for dogs to enter. The first was “Best Dressed Dog and Cart” and there were several strong contenders. The class was judged by Marjorie Webb and Jordan Netiffee-Osborne and they unanimously decided that the winner was “Captain Jo-Jo”, beautifully decked out as a boat and captain; second place went to Buddy Boy, dressed as a biker and third place went to Tobi, who was resplendent in Wolfpack gear. The second class was a straightforward race to the line. Amid some confusion, this was won by Willhemm (Silly Willy), although Boaz, (illegally) running without his cart, might have pipped him to the line. The final class was a more complicated race around an obstacle course. This was won by Tobi whose owner, Beverly, promises that they are already practicing for 2012. Prizes were gift certificates for Unleashed, the Dog and Cat Store. A fun day was had by all, with the dogs creating a stir wherever they went. There were excellent write-ups in the Sunday News and Observer and in the NCSU Technician.

Best Dressed Dog and Cart

Best Dressed

Cart Race and Obstacle Course

Cart Race

Obstacle course



CarlBoaz and Buddy Boy

action shot Buddy Boy




Buddy Boy Cooper

Boaz Tobi



If you have suggestions for new events or any ideas for the next competition, please e mail Natasha Olby at