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Epidemiology and Public Health

The Epidemiology, Public Health and Population Medicine (EPHPM) faculty group provides instruction in the professional veterinary and graduate curricula, including:

Veterinary Curriculum

Master of Veterinary Public Health Graduate Program (MVPH)

Other Courses

The Faculty also mentor and instruct students in the Curricular Focus Area: Epidemiology, Public Health, and Public Policy

The Faculty are also extensively involved the Master of Veterinary Public Health (MVPH) program. This Program is designed to provide graduate training for veterinarians interested in pursuing animal and public health service oriented careers with state, federal, and international agencies.

The Faculty are involved in research in numerous areas of population health and public health, including risk assessment and food safety, animal biosecurity risk management, foreign animal diseases, West Nile Virus, microbial resistance in pathogens, zoonotic disease, aquatic health, and international trade. They continue to serve as consultants to state and federal regulatory agencies concerning agricultural bioterrorism and foreign animal diseases.

The Faculty have active extension and engagement programs, including ProMED Mail, and international source of published on the internet on daily updates of animal and zoonotic diseases, the Wilson Bay Water Quality Initiative, and education program development for veterinary awareness of foreign animal diseases.

Four core faculty are members of the group, including Malcolm Roberts (Faculty Group Leader), Maria Correa, Peter Cowen, and Jay Levine. Two additional PHP faculty are epidemiologists who serve as supporting members of EPHPM, their "home" being in other Faculty groups in PHP, including Barrett Slenning (Ruminant Health and Production Medicine).