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Histology Laboratory Referring Veterinarians


Services Offered by the Histopathology Lab

Sample Submissions

Routine Surgical Pathology

Surgical Pathology Form - HERE

Specimen Submission Guidelines

  1. Specimens should be submitted in 10% neutral buffered formalin in wide-mouthed, leak and shatter proof containers. The volume ratio of tissue to formalin must be at least 1:10 for proper fixation.

    Inadequate volumes of fixative or attempting to fix large specimens (whole kidney, large mass) will result in incomplete fixation, autolysis, and will delay processing of the sample. Formalin penetrates tissue at roughly 15 mm per day and the rate of penetration slows with the thickness of the tissue.  Optimal pathology results are impossible without proper fixation and some immunohistochemical tests may be erroneous.

  2. Containers must be labeled with names of the veterinarian, owner, and animal. If multiple samples are submitted from one animal, each tissue should be submitted in a separate container and labeled appropriately

  3. For margins check on mass excisions, please identify margins with sutures or a tissue ink and specify on submission form locations of each.

    Special stains if needed are included in the price of the original submission.  If your case can benefit from ancillary immunohistochemistry testing, it will be recommended in the report.  You may call Histology, 919 513-6390 to authorize the additional testing.

Tissues allowed to fix for 24 hour in appropriate amounts of formalin may be submitted in reduced amounts of fixative, decreasing the size and weight of the container and shipping requirements. 

Reports will be faxed or e-mailed (your preference) to your clinic.  We do not send reports to owners.

For local clients, samples may also be hand delivered to the admissions desk at the Small Animal Hospital.

Second Opinion Requests

Second Opinion Requests Form - HERE