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Avian Health Services and Research Laboratory



Contact Information


Fax:     919.513.6464

Ship samples to:

Attn. Lab Supervisor
North Carolina State University
College of Veterinary Medicine
1060 William Moore Drive
Raleigh, NC 27607 USA


Dr. Michael P. Martin, DVM, MPVM, ACPV

Associate Professor, Poultry Health Management

Laboratory phone: 919.513.6574

Cell phone: 919.218.5143

Laboratory Staff

Jennifer Strickland
Laboratory phone: 919.513.6574


Downloadable Information

Fee Schedule (PDF)

Sample Submission Form (Word) / (PDF)

Please phone laboratory prior to submission of samples

Avian Health Services and Research Laboratory

The Avian Health Services and Research Laboratory is important in the day-to-day operations of our Poultry Health Management team.  The lab is critical to the success of our group’s mission regarding extension and engagement, research, and teaching.

The AHSRL is dedicated to the support of the poultry industry and provides pertinent diagnostics to evaluate avian health issues. The laboratory provides a wide range of diagnostic services directly to the poultry industry including serology, microbiology, fecal evaluation, and histopathology.  The AHSRL also provides diagnostic services that support the clinical work of the Poultry Health Management (PHM) team. Our PHM team makes well over 100 field visits per year to a wide range of sites including broilers, turkeys, and layers at the breeder, hatchery, feed mill, grow out, and processing levels.

The AHSRL is integrally involved with our research program and has been essential to our work.  This work includes evaluation of broiler breeder health issues including investigation of Impaired Mobility Syndrome (often referred to as Calcium Tetany) and Vertebral Osteoarthritis (epidemic spinal abscess in males) caused by Enterococcus cecorum.  The PHSL has also been instrumental in our evaluation of Flip-Over Syndrome in turkey poults and evaluating health and microbial flora of growing turkey flocks based on specific management factors.  A study on ovarian cancer is also supported in part by the AHSRL. 

The AHSRL is integral to our educational program as well.  With mentorship, students have ability to develop appropriate sample handling techniques, conduct their own diagnostics, and gain experience in interpretation and application of diagnostic data.  The lab is used extensively during our senior veterinary rotations as well as numerous other veterinary student training opportunities throughout our curriculum. 

Additionally, the AHSRL provides support for other teaching, extension and research activities for multiple groups.  These groups include other teams at the College of Veterinary Medicine at NCSU, other veterinary colleges across the country, and the NC Museum of Natural Science.  Recently, the ASHRL has been providing diagnostic support for the evaluation of Salmonellosis in songbirds and pets that predate on them in conjunction with the Triangle Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic, the North Carolina Department of Agriculture Animal Diagnostic Laboratory System, and local private practitioners such as Bowman Animal Hospital.


PHS Lab exterior1 PHS Lab exterior2
The Avian Health Services and Research Laboratory is located near the northwest corner of the Main CVM building, near the large animal entrance. PHSL entrance is shown in the photo above on the right.

PHS lab interior1 PHS lab interior2
The laboratory provides a wide range of diagnostic services directly to the poultry industry including serology, microbiology, fecal evaluation, and histopathology.