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Veterinary Parasitology Group Contact Information

Phone: 919.513.6250

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The VPG provides direct instruction to the professional veterinary students through a 2nd year course, Veterinary Parasitology course (VMM 932); to 4th year veterinary professional students through a clinical rotation course, Clinical Pathology, Parasitology and Immunology (VMM 978); and graduate students through a graduate course, Immunoparasitology (IMM 755). The parasitology group also provides instructions through a variety of 1-week selectives.

The VPG also provides a variety of mentoring opportunities to the veterinary students and graduate students. Mentoring opportunities include summer research projects, experiences in parasitology service laboratories, experiences in parasitology research laboratories. graduate students are directed in parasitological studies and research including studies focused on immunoparasitology, diagnostic parasitology.