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Glen W. Almond, DVM, MSc, PhD

Dr. Glen Almond

Professor, Swine Health & Production
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, 1980, Ontario Veterinary College, Guelph, Canada
MSc in Reproductive Physiology, 1983, Ontario Veterinary College
PhD in Reproductive Physiology,1988, North Carolina State University

Phone: 919.513.6370
Fax: 919.513.6383

Mission Statement

Improve pig health and production through education, research, and service.


Teaching commitments involve veterinary, undergraduate and graduate students. Priorities include food animal focus students and developing international exchange programs. Courses taught include;

VMP 420  Diseases of Farm Animals
VMP 956  Preventive Herd Health and Management III                      
VMP 964  Swine Medicine                                          
VMP 984  Swine Health & Production I
VMP 985  Swine Health & Production II                                                                  
VMP 991  International Pork Production    

Clinical Emphasis

Provide students with clinical experience in swine medicine and production, and to facilitate interactions with veterinary practitioners. Our objective is to prepare students for entry into the pork industry.


Our research program maintains a balance between basic science and clinical investigations. The research addresses specific concerns in the pork industry. Topics include interactions between stress and immune function, reproduction, water medications, and infectious agents. The research depends on collaboration with colleagues in the College of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Animal Science, and on cooperation by swine practitioners, pork producers and allied industries.

Selected Publications