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Peter Cowen, DVM, PhD


Epidemiology and Public Health
Associate Professor

Office: C-337, CVM Main Building
Phone: 919.513.6321
Fax: 919.513.6464

Course Involvement

Graduate Courses

Undergraduate Courses


Selected Publications

ProMED-mail: Community Early Warning for Outbreaks of Emerging Infectious
Diseases: Building Sustainable Information Communities in Africa. Peter Cowen, Fabian Ekue,
Niwael Mtui , 0.0. Babalobi, Ndoutamia Anaclet, and Benson Estambale,Sidi Coulibaly, Larry
Madoff, Majorie Pollack and The ProMED-Mail Team. FA0.2011. Challenges of animal
health information systems and surveillance for animal diseases and zoonoses. Proceedings of
the international workshop organized by FAO, 23-26 November 2010, Rome, Italy. FAO Animal
Production and Health Proceedings, No. 14. Rome, Italy.

Jack Woodall, Lawrence C. Madoff, Alison Bodenheimer, Peter Cowen, Thanis
Damrongwatanapokin, Fabian Ekue, Tam Garland, Martin Hugh-Jones, Amon Shimshony,
Tom Yuill, PhD ProMED-mail and One Health. One Health Newsletter. Volumne 3 Issue 1.

Dianne Dunning, Michael P. Martin, Jimmy L. Tickel, William B. Gentry, Peter Cowen, Barrett D.
Slenning. Preparedness and disaster response training for veterinary students: Literature review and
description of the NC State University Credentialed Veterinary Responder program. Journal of Veterinary
Medical Education. Volume 36,3:3 17-330.

Lauren E. Charles-Smith, Gregory A. Lewbart, Matthew J. Aresco and Peter Cowen. Detection of
Salmonella in Gopher Tortoises (Gopherus polyphemus) During Two Relocation Efforts in Florida.
Chelonian Conservation and Biology. 2009 8 (2) 213-216.

Cowen P. Program for Monitoring Emerging Diseases ProMED-mail. Workshop  Report.  Achieving a Sustainable Global Capacity for Surveillance and Response to Emerging Diseases of Zoonotic Origin. Rappateurs Beatty, Scott and Tsai.  Institute of Medicine, National Academies Press.  Washington, D.C. pg 57-59.  2008.

Continuing Education

Selected Presentations

Salmonellosis and its Public Health Importance.  Food Safety Inspection Service Continuing Education Course on Public Health.  Raleigh, NC. Jan 10th, 2009. 

Salmonellosis and its Public Health Importance. Food Safety Inspection Service Continuing Education Course on Public Health.  Raleigh, NC. Jan 10th, 2009

Zoonoses and Animal Session. IMED International Meeting on Emerging Diseases and Surveillance.  Meeting sponsored by European CDC, OIE, European Commission, Wildlife Conservation Society and ProMED-mail Vienna, Feb 13 – 16, 2009

Selected Extension & Engagement Activities

Serve as University Expert on H1N1 “Swine flu” outbreak.  Numerous contacts with media including  reposting of ProMED-mail moderator comments on US State Department website, National Pork Board website NC Extension Newsletter and  numerous other websites. 

NC Cooperative Extension Workshop on Dealing with Animal Health Emergencies. North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University, Sept 25th, 2008.

Development of Emergency Contact Information Card for Small Scale Producers.  In conjunction with MATCH team members at NC A&T.  July, 2008.