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James R. Flowers, PhD

James R. Flowers, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor

Phone: 919-513-6404
Fax: 919-513-6464





July 1998 - Present. College of Veterinary Medicine, NCSU. Assist with Veterinary Parasitology (VMM 932) for the second year veterinary students and Clinical Parasitology (VMM 978) for fourth year veterinary students. Directly assist students in and out of lab, with questions and identification of parasite specimens and ova. Development of on-line course supplements for Veterinary Parasitology which includes interactive parasite keys, and case-based clinic exercises. Manage two teaching laboratories. Course coordinator for General Parasitology (Z0 415) course for Undergraduate Students. Course coordinator and leader for the 1 week selective Advanced Clinical Parasitology for Companion Animals (VMM991V). Manages Parasitology Web site:

Other Teaching Experiences

Teaching Awards


Aquaculture Research

CVM Grant.
January 1997 - January 1998. Yellow Grub Study.

Evaluation of possible size resistance of Hybrid Striped Bass to the infection of the digentetic trematode, Clinostomum complanatum (yellow grub).

Binational Science Foundation Grant.
January 2001 - 2003. Trematodes in Aquaculture.

Development of strategic control methods against parasitic trematodes infesting aquaculture ponds, using molecular (PCR) probes. A collaboration with Israeli scientists.

Southern Regional Aquaculture Grant.
January 2002 - 2004. Bolbophorus study.

Identification, characterization, and control of Bolbophorus-like trematodes.

Fisheries Resource Grant.
February 2000 - July 2002. White Grub Study.

Field evaluation of the use of increased salinity in hybrid striped bass aquaculture ponds as a method to control grub infections. Also, to investigate the life cycle of an unidentified white grub that causes mortality in hybrid striped bass fingerlings.

Resulting Publications

Heterobilharzia Case Study

Diagnosis and investigation of the first confirmed case of Canine Blood-fluke disease in North Carolina and only the second successful case of canine heterobilharziasis in the United States.

Resulting Publications


Graduate Study

August 1989 - June 1994. Graduate Research

Extensive survey of digenetic trematode larvae and their molluscan hosts in the upper Neuse River basin and Swift Creek, Johnston and Wake counties, North Carolina.

Resulting Publications



Identification and diagnosis of parasites and parasitic diseases and other service related studies.

Resulting Publications

Current Associations