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James R. Flowers, PhD

James R. Flowers, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor

Office: B-104B, CVM Main Building
Phone: 919-513-6404



Course Involvement

  • VMP 920: Infection and Immunity II
  • VMP 930: Infection and Immunity III
  • VMP 934: Problem Solving for Cases in Infectious Diseases and Immunity II
  • VMP 942: Clinical Pathology
  • VMP 978: Clinical Pathology Senior Rotations
  • VMP 991 (015): Selective-Parasite Control in Sustainable and Organic Agriculture
  • B104: Teaching Laboratory Management

Undergraduate Courses

  • ANS 441: Equine Management


Recent Teaching Award

2012-2013 Outstanding Teacher Award,
College of Veterinary Medicine, North Carolina State University

Teaching Experience

Clinical Associate Professor, College of Veterinary Medicine, NCSU. July 2002 - Present.

• Assist with two parasitology courses; Veterinary Parasitology (VMM 932) for the second year veterinary students and Clinical Parasitology (VMP 978) for fourth year veterinary

• Assisted with the development and participate in the Infection & Immunity Multi-semestercourses, including VMP 910, VMP 920, VMP 930, and VMP 934.

• Directly assist students in and out of lab, with questions and identification of parasite

• Course instructor for the 1 week selective Parasite control in Sustainable & OrganicAgriculture (VMP 991 -015)

• Assist with Clinical Pathology and Bacteriology labs set-up and student instruction.

• Development and maintenance of on-line course material for Veterinary Parasitology (, including interactive parasite keys

• Manage teaching laboratory facilities.

Professional Service

• Diagnosis and Identification of parasite infections.

• Collection, fixation, staining, mounting, and identification of parasitic helminths.

Selected Publications

Current Associations